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To place in a special way. This dance of yoga asanas flowing rhythmically at the pace of consistent breath flow will move you to states described as trance like & meditative

Salvador Dali once said “I don’t do drugs, I am drugs” this practice will help you to remember .


Sync movement and breath using smooth transitions posture to posture. Teachers offer a creative sequence to gently warm your body through this moving meditation. No two classes are alike, each practice will allow you to sink into the moment through sun salutations, strengthening balances, and gentle openings. Everyone welcome.


Remember when you were a child and you’d resist nap time? Well here is your opportunity to catch up. Collectively hold therapeutic, fully supported poses with the help of blocks, bolsters, and anything but the kitchen sink that allows you to drop your weight to the force of gravity – essentially letting the pose do you rather than the other way around.


Yin Yoga is a powerful practice that targets tendons, ligaments & fascia within the body. The benefits of a Yin practice are to increase or maintain mobility in your joints, increase your mental focus & improve the flow of energy in your body. Expect long holds in deep, supported postures.

Flow & Restore

Begin the practice with a flow of mindful movement. Move through sun salutations and strong holds to warm the body and finish with a sweet, lingering restorative posture to slowly unfold the body with props and gravity

*heated classes will be labeled as such on the schedule*


Defined as the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything. Core classes offer up that slow. Deep. Burn. Yoga is designed to recruit your deep core & stabilizing muscles - this class simply highlights your inner fire, your intrinsic strength.


Rise and shine with mindful movement. Morning glory classes offer the space to set the tone for a creative and productive day. Expect a gentle but invigorating vinyasa flow to unfurl a sleep-stiffened body complete with energizing heart openers, lingering hip stretches, and a sweet savasana offered with the rising sun creeping through the windows.


Each week, this class offers an in depth exploration of the different chakras. The intelligence of each Chakra is weaved into each asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation of this flow class.


Slow way down in body and breath to tap into the most subtle openings and the deepest relaxation. Slow flow classes invite practitioners to feel every part of the movement, align intelligently, and work with longer holds between flowing transitions.


Vigorous and meditative. Ashtanga is a traditional lineage of yoga that weaves together a powerful standing & seated series with victorious [ujjayi] breath, and Vinyasa to keep the prana flowing. Brought to you by Pattabi Jois from Mysore, India – the consistency of this sequence will push you above and beyond perceived physical & emotional boundaries.


In this class we will use props to create and support specific openings in the spine. The movement is slow and precise with a focus on optimal spinal alignment.

Flow + Sit

The asana practice is designed to make seated meditation comfortable. So come and unwind any resistances in the physical body, then linger in stillness. Exploring the inner landscape through pranayama practice & seated meditation makes for a broader yogic experience.

[ calm ] unity flow

Do a little yoga, do a little good. These weekly donation classes are taught by a different instructor each week & all proceeds go to various charities supported by the community. Minimum $5 donation.



K R I S T I N  J O S T A D

T R A C Y   M A N N 

 G O R D  D E S A U T E L S

C A R O L   H U T C H I S O N

M E N O   O B A

A M B E R   R O T A R

D A N I E L   S T U A R T


J E N N I F E R  R U R K A

A L A N  M I L E H A M

A R I F F A   L A L A N I

T R E V O R  Y E L I C H

D A V I D  S T A R K

T A N I S  F I S H M A N

C A S S A N D R A  M C M A N U S


A L L I S O N  D O B E K

C A R Y N  K I L B A C K

J A M I E  C A M E R O N

C H E L S E A  L E E S