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Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.


Yoga Passage 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Follow the call to share this sacred practice.



Fall + Winter [ September 2019 - March 2020 ]


Summer [ July 2020 ]

The 200 Hour Training is structured to create a solid foundation for students to confidently share yoga with their community.

Topics Covered Include:

► Yoga Philosophy

► Anatomy and Physiology

► Yoga Lineage

► Mindfulness

► Meditation

► Yoga Nidra

► Sanskrit + Mantra

► Injuries and Contraindications

► Asana + Alignment

► Pranayama + Energetics

► Adjustments + Assists

► Ethics + Teaching Skills

Guest Facilitators will join us throughout the course to explore topics such as Yin Yoga, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Business of Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Vinyasa Sequencing.


Graduated students may register with the Yoga Alliance if they so choose



Your facilitators are among many true gems in the Calgary Yoga Community

Tracy Mann | Tracy founded Yoga Passage in 2003. He launched the Yoga Passage 200 hour teaching program in 2003 and has since seen many of Calgary's yoga teachers through their journey to teaching yoga. He will guide you through the practical elements of teaching. We'll build our understanding of the practice - delving deeply into the intricacies of asana, teaching methodology, and holding the seat of the teacher. You'll enjoy Tracy's intelligent wit [ dad jokes ], inspirational stories, and grounding presence.

Tanis Fishman | A pillar of Calgary's Meditation and yoga Nidra community. Tanis is a modern day mystic and true explorer of consciousness. Using the practice of Yoga Nidra [ yogic sleep ] we will anchor the teachings deep into your experience. Her intriguing explorations into yogic philosophy will engage you so deeply into your practice that you will begin to infuse all aspects of yoga into your life.

Carol Hutchison | A heartfelt yogini. Carol is not your typical Orthopaedic Surgeon. Carol will guide you masterfully into understanding the intersection of energetics and anatomy. You will feel light and inspired by Carol's sunny disposition and radiant enthusiasm for all things body and breath.

Kristin Jostad | Kristin, a yoga teacher and student of over 12 years is the owner of this beautiful home, Yoga Passage. She is continuously expanding her education to offer her students a wide variety of yoga. She found the depth of her practice starting at Yoga Passage in 2005 when she took her second training at Yoga Passage with Tracy Mann and Tanis Fishman. Having studied with globally known teachers such as Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Dana Flynn, Mark Stephens, Janet Stone and Ryan Leier, her teaching technique is rooted in the vinyasa tradition. Her love for yoga began as an interest in body movement. What has kept her attention is the revealing of personal truth from within.


Once your application form has been submitted and you have successfully been accepted into the program [ congrats! ] please place your non-refundable deposit a soon as possible to secure your space in training. Please make note that the deposit + the balance = the total cost of tuition and both are required in full prior to the first day of teacher training. Payment plans are available for the Fall + Winter session only - please inquire here

payment options


$500 +GST


$500 +GST


$2700 +GST


$2700 +GST [ SAVE $250 BEFORE MAY 15, 2020 ]

t e s t i m o n i a l s 

My journey at Yoga Passage has been one of true alignment. You know that you’re in the right place when things flow easily. From my first awkward karma class to today, managing & teaching at the studio, I am so grateful to this space & for this this training. The Yoga Passage teacher training has allowed me to connect with the most inspiring people, redesign my entire life, and even ‘work’ in different countries - teaching in beautiful destinations.

The call to teach came all at once – it was a powerful call to my creativity & love for movement. Taking the training at Yoga Passage was a no brainer. The space was my home away from home, the community was all I had ever wanted, and beyond their years of experience and impressive list of qualifications, the faculty family is outstanding. Tracy will inspire your journey as a yogi [plus his dry humor and quick wit is on point] Carols uplifting personality and enthusiasm for the yogic lifestyle keeps you hooked, and all I can say about Tanis is that she will Blow. Your. Mind. Yoga Passage is so lucky to have these masters [though they would never call themselves that, humble as they are] leading the new wave of teachers in this community.
— ariffa lalani

In September 2014, I embarked on my journey of the 200 hour teacher training program offered at Yoga Passage. The training itself was nothing short of absolute perfection. Not only did the training provide me with a solid basis that enabled me to begin teaching yoga right away but it helped create lifelong friendships. The facilitators, including Tanis, Tracy and Carol shared a wealth of knowledge in a sacred environment of which I continue to share and learn from day after day. I currently teach at various studios in Calgary and I’m grateful that I was able to take such a strong program that set me up for success
— Trina Sharkoske

I consider myself so fortunate to have crossed paths with Yoga Passage and their teachers, for without them I would not have enrolled in their Yoga Teacher 200hr Course and be who I am today. Beginning the lessons in September 2014 I was searching; at that moment I thought I was just searching to learn what was needed to become a great yoga teacher, but as time went on I learned that I was actually searching for my true self. And by graduation in March of 2015, I had not only found myself, but I had found a happier, more compassionate, confident and forgiving version of my self. I also found more than 25 incredible friendships that I know will last a lifetime. During teacher training I noticed each student was on their own unique and exciting journey, but we all connected as one happy family for 7 months sharing our struggles and accomplishments and ultimately each becoming a better person through it. Everyone’s experience was completely different, but I can tell you mine was life-changing and wonderful. I progressed my physical practice, I took great leaps with my meditational practice, and I added immense amounts of knowledge from the entire body’s anatomy to ancient Yogic history. Through many opportunities to practice teaching and hands on adjusting, I emerged from training ready to teach yoga and actually taught my first class on the evening I graduated Teacher Training! Since then I have been teaching many classes a week at studios, at first in Calgary and then in Melbourne, Australia when I moved there for 4 months. This program was exactly the one that fit for me, allowing me to practice lessons, ask questions and study between weekends of learning. Not all programs make you feel ready to teach as soon as you graduate but some friends in this program who did not plan to teach at all ended up teaching some classes when they were done, we just felt so supported and prepared! I know my journey of learning has only just begun but I am grateful it started at Yoga Passage. I am thankful for everyone’s love, inspiration and commitment to learning and am looking forward to Advanced Teacher Training in my future. Namaste my friends.
— nicole kercuba

I went into yoga teacher training no knowing what to expect. I knew i wanted to axpand upon my asana practice, and that I did, but what i received from the training went so far beyond that. The faculty was incredible, extremely knowledgeable and so supportive. The people were amazing - I’ve made life long friends. The information was so comprehensive, and has helped me become the confident teacher I am today. Above all, the life lessons I’ve learned have fostered exponential personal growth. I would always recommend this training to anyone hoping to learn, grow, and delve deep into the world of yoga!
— Cassandra McManus

Our Anatomy & philosophy guru, Dr. Carol Hutchison, can be found at the intersection of eastern philosophy and western medicine. . Ever humble, doctor Carol takes her own medicine with the class as she offers up the class - clear instructions and a smiling face impossible to stay mad at no matter how long she offers plank pose.
— John signarowski

please be aware

payments are non-refundable and valid for 12 months. 

payment plans are available- please email info@passagestudios.ca to inquire

the full course is to be completed in order to receive certification - if days are missed, please advise the training faculty

alumni are welcome to audit the program free of charge