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I'm new to yoga. What class should I take?

Check out the next start date of our 8 week intro to yoga workshop! You get 8 in depth & intimate beginner yoga workshops plus a whole month of unlimited yoga to put what you’ve learned to practice. Looking to jump right in? anything on the schedule that says restorative or yin is fair game for beginners. These practices are slow and foundational, and open up a stiff body before moving into more intricate and dynamic practices. Consult with the front desk unicorns, they’ll make sure you find your way into the perfect class for you.

How do i get to you & Where do i park?

Passage is conveniently located on the Beltline in downtown Calgary. A walking distance from your office, along the new Downtown Cycle track & a five minute stroll from the 4th street train station. We have 23 marked parking stalls to the west end of the studio that you are welcome to park in for the duration of your class & there is an abundance of street parking along 4th street SW.

What should i wear and bring to class?

The beauty about yoga is that you need very little to get a lot. We recommend bringing your own mat, but we do rent them at the studio for $2 a practice.  Towels and water bottles are nice to have handy as well! Come to practice in clothing that you are comfortable in and is respectful to those in practice with you. Think - clothing that stays put as you move with minimal extra fabric [ leggings, fitted tops, board shorts ] Most of the classes at Passage are at room temperature, but with gentle classes such as yin and restorative, we recommend coming with a few extra layers for maximum coziness. 

what pass should i get?

Intro Memberships if you're new to the studio. If you've Yoga'd here before but want to try the HIIT + Spin, there's an intro pass for that! Done the HIIT + Spin, but keen on balancing it out with Yoga? The're a pass for that too! New to the whole shebang? Yup, the're a pass for that.

Drop-ins for when you're popping in for a one-off sweat + stretch.

Class pass cards if you have an unpredictable schedule, are from out of town, but stop in several times a year, or have lots of different activities on the go + need more time to get through your passes.

Unlimited Memberships are for you if you will be in the studio sweating or stretching 3+ times a week.