Jeremy and Gareth are deeply honoured and truly excited to offer this workshop ‘The Divine Power Within’. This offering merges the ancient teachings and technologies of kundalini yoga with Sound healing, one of the most potent healing modalities on the planet. Raising your energy, vibration and frequency using movement, voice and meditation -Sound has profound effects on all of our systems. And as we release, clean and re- connect to the truth within it all, we begin to create space. We feel a lightness, simpleness and vastness where we start to realize that all is connected in this field of creation we call universe. Helping us connect with our body, mind and spirit, Kundalini yoga elevates our awareness and builds consciousness. Together, kundalini yoga and sound healing help us dissolve blockages and imbalances, so our prana can flow freely and we can experience the power, presence and peace within ourselves - an experience of true Self.


Gareth Phillips + Jeremy Demytruk


Saturday, November 17th


4:00 - 7:00 PM