[ this is an event for women ]

Welcome to the Shakti Circle! A safe space in support of women's awakening.

As we move toward October's Full Moon, we are called to release; to offer up that which no longer serves us. This month, we will be taking part in a simple ritual to LET GO of some aspect of Self that has overstayed it's welcome. And by the light of the Full Moon, we will CELEBRATE the lighter, freer version of the woman that we are becoming. We will call in movement and dance to align with this energetically active time of the month.

Come prepared to share, to meditate, to sing, to move, to connect... and let this be a night of true Self care.

I am so honoured to hold this space for us all to rise together in the light of our true femininity.


  • journal + pen

  • water bottle or thermos of tea

  • open mind :)


Shakti Circle is home to the rising feminine. It is a blossoming new community where women come to gather, connect, and share stories of what it means to be a carrier of feminine energy in today's modern world. Through meditation, conscious sharing, dance, writing, song, and energetic practices, we will discover ways to empower ourselves as individuals, and to uplift one another in true sisterhood. 

Each Shakti Circle is a two-hour ceremonial workshop and is designed for women or those who identify as women. It is a space for deep inner transformation and awakening. Through personal reflection, we find clarity and set powerful intentions for the coming months.

See you in sacred ceremony!


Kwin Dean


November 7th


7:00 - 9:00 PM