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May 3rd - 5th

Friday | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday + sunday | 9 AM - 4 PM

Lead by Amy Bidrman


Amy Bidrman has been active in the childbirth community in Calgary since 1999. Her experiences at births, with babies, moms, and families are woven through her teaching, and she brings an energy that is both infectious and inspiring. Pre and Postnatal yoga teacher training with Amy is rooted in the belief that supported, loved, and educated mothers have healthier births and better outcomes with breastfeeding, and general health. Sessions will cover natural processes of birth, and variations and interventions in both the medical and the midwifery models, and pelvic anatomy. We will go in depth into postures, postural adjustments and sequencing, modifications by trimesters, common discomforts, and pelvic floor health and healing. Sessions on breath and vocal toning, relaxation and savasana, cueing, themes, our intention and preparation as teachers, establishing relationship and trust, our hearts and hands, and creating community and connection.
With a deep belief that healthy, supported women and mothers are central to healthy, thriving communities, Amy leads a training that will leave you inspired, knowledgeable, and confident."

early registration [ by March 31st ] | $275

Full Value | $299