Lindsay Shierman





I love the creativity that comes along with planning out my next class, coming up with new challenges and new ways to push people and draw the best out of them, helping them to reach their goals and find their motivation. I like to keep my classes fresh and my workouts new and unique. 

My main goal is to push people to their max, while keeping everyone safe and working with proper form and technique. I want everyone in my class to walk away (or stumble) with a smile on their face, knowing they got everything they could out of their workout. 

For me, making a connection and getting to know the individual members is of highest priority. Figuring out what their goals are, working with them on their weaknesses and challenging their strengths, seeing their improvements and watching them get the most out of their workouts is the most rewarding part of group fitness. Watching them work hard and seeing the energy pass between participants in the class is electrifying. Being able to share my passion for fitness with them, and share in their energy, might just be one of the most invigorating feelings there is.