I am originally from Brazil. I gained my extensive Yoga experience in India, the home of Yoga. I now live in Canada, my adopted country, where I am constantly working to combine these three cultures in a way that gives my instruction a truly unique and refreshing quality. My six years of study in India, with different teachers and traditions, along with my current study of Vedanta and Sanskrit, has given me the fundamental knowledge and skills that I have been passing to my students for over twenty years in Canada, Brazil and around the world. I am truly grateful to all my teachers. I am a Certified Sivananda Yoga teacher and am in the E-RYT® 500 YogaAlliance. I currently live in Guelph, Ontario with my wonderful family and have become an integral part of the Yoga community here teaching at Arrive Yoga, Shibui Studio,Modo and Movati Athetic along with my private instruction. I can also be found teaching YTT at Yoga Passage in Calgary along with my accomplished friends Tracy Mann, Dr. Carol Hutchison and Tanis Fishman. I also offer intensive retreats internationally. I am looking forward to sharing Yoga with you!! It’s too good to not share. “The Soul appears to be finite because of ignorance. When ignorance is destroyed the Self which does not admit of any multiplicity truly reveals itself by itself: like the Sun when the clouds pass away.”

Adi Shankaracharya