K R I S T I N  J O S T A D

Kristin Jostad, a yoga teacher and student of over 12 years is the owner of this beautiful home, Yoga Passage. She is continuously expanding her education to offer her students a wide variety of yoga. She found the depth of her practice starting at Yoga Passage in 2005 when she took her second training at Yoga Passage with Tracy Mann and Tanis Fishman. Having studied with globally known teachers such as Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Dana Flynn, Mark Stephens, Janet Stone and Ryan Leier, her teaching technique is rooted in the vinyasa tradition. Her love for yoga began as an interest in body movement. What has kept her attention is the revealing of personal truth from within. Her dedication in the practice has manifested a beautiful trusting of the unknown. Her classes speak to connection to yourself and what that truth speaks of. Aiming to strengthen our self love game, in turn elevating our own healing capacity to become clear vessels of possibility.