Jess Bobyn






Your last meal on Earth?

NOODLES ... I LOVE noodles ... & SALTED MEATS & OLIVES !! All wrapped up in a picnic on the beach with an ending of UNA 4-maggi pizza topped with arugula & prosciutto & because obviously no one will be full we all shall have village salted caramel ice cream because its really the best food group & maybe a splash of syrah.

What flavour of ice cream are you

 Birthday cake, marshmallow & bubblegum all mixed into one .... Topped with the some salted caramel sass .

Your favourite part about teaching

The feeling you get when you bring everyone together within a space surrounded by music that is so full of love you can feel it though the air. Through this the change that happens inside when we all place our energy into one room, and the outcome being the best versions of ourselves through venerability within that moment!

Fave throwback track

..... oooooo well at home all alone in the basement I love me some 90's punk rock ... So I would have to say Roots Radicals by Rancid ...

A quirk of yours

The love for latin music mixed with bad salsa dancing & bad local punk rock moshpits . I can't spell ... AT ALL .. I brake ALL spellcheckers . I'm scared of the dark & cheerios commercials make me cry.

Words to live by

Always cary an extra stick of bubble gum in your pocket ... You'll never know what you might have to use it for.