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I am part of a new generation of Kundalini yogis who have had profound experiences with these teachings. I offer this practice in a friendly, open, come as you are environment which respects the lineage but moves freely within it. I am open and vulnerable in sharing from my journey which I feel resonates with a generation seeking authentic spiritual experiences. The way we create and access these experiences is an inside job. These teachings, tools and technologies give the student the tools to access and initiate that experience. 

Currently I am blessed to be part of traditional student-teacher lineage with Tiaga Prem Singh of Vancouver’s Dharma Temple as my teacher. I have studied and practiced at the Dharma Temple and completed their Aquarian Luminosity leadership and lifestyle training. I continue to practice daily sadhana, and regularly spend time with my teacher. Previously I studied and taught vinyasa yoga,  and took my 200hr teacher training from my teacher Randelle Lusk.  

What is Kundalini Yoga? 

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a complete technological system of ancient yogic postures, breathwork, and meditation to quickly induce sustained states of happiness and contentment.  It is becoming the largest growing yoga and meditation movement in the world due mostly to the resonance of a fast-pace life demanding fast-paced practices to quickly produce profound results.