Are you an expert in procrastination? Start a million projects but never finish any? Always find an excuse not to do that thing you know you should do? Frustrated and fed up with how your days blast by without any progress or peace of mind? Sick and tired of being sick and tired?
This GET SHIT DONE 101 workshop will help you set and stick to your goals and change your life through heart-centered habits and rituals.
You have big ideas, dreams, or desires, but aren't taking action on them. You are paralyzed by fear or overwhelmed by options.

You feel stuck.

You want to start new projects, hobbies, and habits, but you stall, avoid, and deflect. Maybe you make excuses. You don't know where to begin, or how to keep going when things get tough.

You're uncertain about what needs to change.

You are convinced you're not ready. You just KNOW that you need more time or connections or money or confidence to start. Something holds you back (Hint: It's you, and we'll work through that together).

You seem scared of doing the work.

You start projects but never finish any. You make commitments but don't stick to them. You know you have something to create or share or say, a project inside that is burning to get out. You just don't know how or where to start.

You feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

You long to live a bold, vibrant life, but aren't sure how to take action. You're not sure what to do next. You need some help and encouragement.

Good news!

This workshop has your back.
You will learn a simple and effective framework (based on decades of psychological research) to identify the real reason why you're not doing what you really want to do (Good riddance, procrastination!). You will master simple, quick and easy techniques designed to shift your perspective, your attitudes, and the way you view yourself and your abilities. You will explore several ways to design your life and your time so that you have no choice but to get your shit done. You'll finish the course with specific, proactive actions to help make your best life a reality. You will identify the big, limiting belief that is impeding your dreams, and then you'll learn how to punch that belief right in its face.
But don't worry: This is not some kind of boring and snooty university program. We will not be wasting time watching paint dry.
Rather, this is me summarizing years of research and presenting it in an amusing, simple, digestible, and fun way. Prepare to be entertained because I believe in telling stories and using unnecessary profanity and keeping learning light-hearted.
You'll feel relieved, empowered, focused, productive, and alive. And you'll enjoy yourself!


Jeremy Goldberg of Long Distance Love Bombs


Sunday, December 16th


12:30 - 2:30 PM