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Intro to Tantra



Alice Hong


June 2nd


6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


~ ARE YOU... ~
♡ Curious about this “Tantra thing” that everyone is talking about?
♡ Tired of wearing masks and longing to show up just as you are?
♡ Bored of chatter and meaningless connections that are draining?
♡ Wanting to connect with your inner aliveness?
♡ Interested to deepen the connection with yourself and others?

~ JOIN US TO... ~
♡ Discover how tantra can be integrated in to your everyday life
♡ Get a taste of energetic presence and attunement by entering fully into your body
♡ Learn to be present in the smallest interactions

♡ Anyone interested in tantra
♡ Anyone on the path of self-inquiry and self-discovery
♡ Come as a single, a couple, or friends
♡ You desire to connect with a community of heart-centered humans


Tantra is a path for people wanting to know themselves, deepen awareness and celebrate all aspects of life. The word Tantra means “to weave, to stretch, to expand, leading to liberation”. The traditions of tantra are vast, ranging from philosophical, cosmology, mudras, mantras, rituals, breathwork and asanas while others include the exploration of sexual energy. All of these paths are intended to bring us to greater truth, love and freedom.

Tantra invites us to peel away masks which hide us from experiencing our true nature. It is about embracing the fullness of life and meeting each moment with presence and intimacy - (in-to-me-I-see). It is about saying “yes” to all aspects of of life - the light, the shadow, the joy, the sorrow, body and spirit, masculine and feminine, in order to unify these energies within ourselves as a path of freedom.

♡ a discussion about what tantra is (and what it is not)
♡ simple, (non-sexual) tools of tantra
♡ connection games and exercises that bring you into the present moment with a partner
♡ dyads: contemplation and communication with a partner
♡ embodiment practices: free movement, energy body activation
♡ presence: eye gazing and connection rituals

In this workshop which we will explore simple, yet profound (non-sexual) tools of tantra which invite us to have a direct experience of ourselves and explore a connection with others that go beyond labels and constructs in the ways we present ourselves to the world. There will be guided individual, partnered and group explorations that invite you to become fully present to what is alive.

You always have the freedom to choose what you want to explore and what you don’t. You are a sovereign being, and in this workshop, your “no” is just as welcome as your “yes”. Your presence is your participation.

Wear something that you feel comfortable sitting and moving in, which also makes you feel radiant. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can settle in and we can start at 6:00pm to make the most of our time.

Alice Hong offers transformational experiences around the world that empowers people to love themselves more deeply and live life with full vibrancy. Since 2008, she has facilitated programs vast areas of studies including tantra, yoga, dance movement, conscious communication, subtle anatomy, dyads, and women’s circles. She has taught at numerous festivals including Canadian Tantra Festival, Embrace Intimacy Festival, and Inshala, the creatrix of Embodied Shakti and Untamed: Wild Feminine and director of Inspired Yoga Institute.

For Alice, the quest to live from love, truth, and freedom are the highest values she infuses into all her offerings. Authenticity and loving presence are her greatest teaching tools, and she has traveled to over 40 countries to study, teach and play.



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