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Why am I always tired?



Pam Purnell


Friday, May 31


6:00 - 8:00pm


Chronic tiredness is rampant in our society. Often times when we visit a GP to find an answer to the problem, blood work will be taken with no results. The second step is usually a trip to a holistic practitioner who blames adrenal burnout. But what if that STILL doesn't fix the problem? Then we are left frustrated and still exhausted.

Functional medicine coach Pam Purnell walks individuals through innovative functional medicine tests, the connection to Epstein Barr virus and fatigue and finally the mind/body connection and the importance of incorporating healing work into the physical healing journey.

The Why am I always tired workshop will begin with a 45 minute learning portion based on "Why Am I Always Tired", the number one search term on Google, followed by a restorative yoga class focused on breath and meditation.