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Gentle Warrior Sacred Sound + Cacao Ceremony

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Instructor [ s ]

Jont, Michelle & John Coleman


May 25th


7:30 - 10:30 PM


The Gentle Warrior Sacred Song Ceremony is a magical, intimate and uplifting listening experience blending Jont's soul-stirring songs with John & Michelle’s devotional mantras - served up with stories, reflections, meditation journeys and a hearty dose of spontaneity.

A unique blend of Satsang and “conscious” house concert, this is a deep dive that invites connection, healing and celebration! 

The night unfolds as two or three sets of songs and sacred music, each drawing us more deeply into the beauty and mysteries of the heart. This is music that invites us to “feel” our way back to ourselves, helping us remember what it is to be whole again, and guiding us to that great Source of Love alive inside All. 

Gentle Warrior is medicine the world needs now. Rooted in love and healing, the songs are deeply personal, yet genuinely universal. 


“Gentle Warrior is an experience we create together. It is our sacred attention and presence that invites the particular songs and music to emerge, allowing the pure healing love to pass through. This is the essence of these ceremonies and what makes them a meditation rather than a typical live music experience.” ~ Jont 

“The power of Gentle Warrior lies in the invitation to fully experience the emotions and sensations that rise when we listen deeply together, when we are reminded of our divine nature, and when we are bathed in the healing vibrations of intentional music. These gatherings nourish hearts that are hungry for peace, compassion, love and truth.” ~ Michelle & John


Later Event: May 31
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