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Workshop Weekend with Adrianne Vangool


Adrianne Vangool of One Yoga is coming to Calgary! Arianne is a licensed physical therapist and yoga istructor. Adrianne has a passion for spreading the joy and holistic benefits of yoga to those who are looking to restore balance in their life. Sign up for all three workshops or take individual sessions.


May 17 6:00 pm - 8:00 PM

Alignment based Vinyasa workshop. Focused on breaking down the building blocks to a safe and firey Vinyasa. Adrianne will focus on standing postures, the prep poses to arm balances, back bends, and poses for hip health. This workshop is open to all levels. Beginners will learn how to safely progress their poses and practice, advanced practitioners will be guided on how to keep their practice medicinal and nourishing. Burning bright...without burning out.


May 18 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Fun, alignment based Vinyasa workshop with Vinyasa Krama infused sequencing. Get ready to open your heart and get upside down!


May 18 1 PM - 3 PM

This workshop is for women and men of any age who are interested in yoga techniques that can help improve function and utilize the full potential of our core and pelvic floor. We will spend a bit more time on postpartum education and common patterns that can exacerbate or create pelvic floor issues.

Ginger Garner said it so accurately when she said “A woman is (or should be) considered postpartum until her issues related to birth are resolved and well managed.”

Yoga is a system that integrates all facets of ones being. As such, it is an amazing system to utilize in the rehabilitation phases of one’s life and as an activity to promote general health and wellbeing.

If there is interest we will discuss how to safely get back into activity postpartum, and more specifically discuss what (if anything) we should do in the first 6-8 weeks, months, and even years postpartum.

This workshop is not for child bearing women alone, as we will also be discussing the 3 diaphragm approach to core stabilization and how it relates to our yoga practice.

The workshop will integrate core progressions and a mix of gentle practice and a little more advanced options for those who are ready for the challenge. This workshop will be accessible to ALL levels.

Those who attend the workshop will receive 10% off the Yoga Practice Manual “Yoga for the Stages of Pregnancy and Early Days of Recovery” by Adrianne Vangool.

For more details or information on what we will cover check out vangoolwellness on instagram or facebook for videos of sample poses and education or (

Get ready to face challenges head on, as we work together to achieve your health and movement goals. The aim is for you to leave the workshop feeling liberated to do the things you want to do!


Full Weekend | $75

Align + Refine | $30

Go Deep + Get Light | $30

Core + Pelvic Floor | $30

Earlier Event: May 6
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