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Redefine You



Trevor Yelich


Tuesdays, May 14th, 21st, June 4th, June 11th


6:30 - 8:30 PM


Are you living with some degree of stress, tension, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, and/or unsupportive self-talk?
Do you find everyday conversations limited in depth or leaving you feeling misunderstood or not fully heard?

We each live with a vast, multi-dimensional network of beliefs that form the architecture of our personal perception of self, others, and life. Many of these beliefs were taken on in the early years of our lives in an attempt to belong, feel safe, meet our needs and wants, and receive love. While functional at the time of inception, years later we will often find that our early-established beliefs become limiting and obstructive to true, authentic, spontaneous connection with self, others, and life. Our adult selves find themselves habitually communicating and acting in ways that reflect some degree of childhood belief.

Join us for a four week class series that will steep you in a new way of communicating. We will utilize a specific style of contemplation to define our existing beliefs that may have resided quietly out-of-sight for many years, redefine beliefs that have long gone unquestioned or are antiquated, and potentially undefine some beliefs to the point of having glimpses of a truth that does not require definition.

Come. Unknot and clarify your mind, heart, and body. Unburden yourSelf.



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