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Desire Map Workshop



Veronica Thai


April 13th


4:00 - 6:30 PM


A heart opening flow followed by an introductory session of The Desire Map based on the bestseller by Danielle Laporte. Participants learn what Desire Mapping is and immerse in rich discussion around the power of feelings and emotions. Your Core Desired Feelings is a form of your inner compass. It's like the whisperings of your intuition brought to life into touchable form. It helps you make powerful decisions that align with what you're truly calling out for from the inside rather than submitting to what the outer world tells you, you should choose.

Participants are guided to start uncovering their Core Desired Feelings by discover how they most desire to feel in one of the five life areas. The workshop concludes with a closing discussion.

In the end, students will have an understanding of:
- how they can use The Desire Map to get closer to their truth
- how to allow their inner compass to guide them rather than be drowned out by external noise
- They’ll have clarity on what they want in one of the life areas and plan to make it happen.



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