dominica nemec





I teach spin for one reason and one reason only -- because I absolutely LOVE IT! Being a college athlete meant intense workouts and even more intense practices on a nearly daily basis, so when my career was finally over I not only felt tired, I felt lost. Struggling to find a workout that didn't feel like "work" and kept me engaged and focused was a challenge, until I walked into my first spin class. I instantly felt energized and continued to ride that high until my next class. I fell in love with the music, the atmosphere, and most importantly, the workout itself. I teach spin because I want everyone to experience the same euphoria I did when I first started.

In my class you can expect the following things:

1) A variety of heart-pumping music including new and obscure tunes, unique remixes and throwbacks to sing along to. I love using tracks you thought you'd NEVER hear in a spin class.

2) Choreo, choreo and choreo. Finding new ways to move is half the fun, right?!

3) A combination of speed and heavy resistance. Spin is a full-body workout, so let's hit that heart-rate and those muscle groups!

4) Laughs. I never take myself too seriously, go out of my way to make everyone feel welcome and dance around the room like the fool I am.