claim your voice

<< Meet your guide

<< Meet your guide


Amy Theissen


March 23rd


4:30 - 7:30 PM


Do you…
~ Feel connected to sound, mantra, or singing
~ Want to feel more confident expressing your truth
~ Desire more authentic conversations and communication
~ Want to feel truly heard and understood
~ Want to feel confident and connected to your voice
~ Struggle with negative self talk
~ Wish to clarify your thinking and better understand what is truly important to you
~ Feel shy about singing or speaking and want to gain comfort and confidence

Are you curious about…
~ The power of your voice
~ How internal dissonance can be harnessed to access greater self esteem and understanding.
~ How sound and voice and create space of transcendence
~ How to use the voice as a vehicle for expressing your heart and spirit
~ Mantra and Sound as a pathway to wisdom and transcendence

Our Voice is a deep and resonate instruments of our being. In clarity and conviction the voice is a mechanism of manifestation and transformation. Yet, often, inner dialogues may be confusing; we feel we have no voice in certain situations, feel unclear about our truths/desires/opinions, or are ill equipped to communicate our truths in a sincere and empowered way.

This workshop will offer an introduction on how to Claim your Voice © through the Triad of Resonance ©

Attend: Work with deep listening and attention to understand internal dialogues and clarify your deepest needs/ desires/ opinions
Attune: Use Voice and Sound as a vehicle for transcendence integrating voice, mind, body, and spirit
Articulate: Communicate your Self into your world

What this Workshop will include:
Introduction to Triad of Resonance and understanding voice
Simple tools for unravelling your thinking
Vocal practices for connecting to your voice
Dyads (2 person communication and connection)
Connecting through Sound & Silence

*It should be noted that one key facet of voice is the choice whether or not to speak, or share. Though communication and vocal engagement is encouraged it is not required. Your choice to use your voice whether in silence or in sound is completely up to you