christina ollivier





I turned to fitness as a way to bridge the emptiness I felt when I quit dancing (15 years strong). I needed somewhere to channel my energy, push boundaries, and consistently challenge myself. I ended up realizing what a profound impact motivation, determination, and commitment can have on oneself. It wasn't just the physical transformation, but everything else that came with it. One of the most major being the amount of self-love that came with setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

I live to motivate, inspire, and enable people to feel the same love for health and fitness that I do. I want people to leave my class having worked their asses off, but also feeling stimulated, and completely liberated. 

When it comes to my classes, I tend to focus on more compound movements that are both challenging and effective. I like to push the mould when it comes to creating new and dynamic exercises, and I strive for continuing to keep clients and members challenged. 

Music is life - expect to hear anything with a beat that gets you moving (and maybe even dancing). I like to incorporate all the new and upcoming, along with the all the songs you heard as a kid, and can't help but karaoke to! I also like to slide in some old school hip hop and R&B tunes. Along with my exercises, I'm always keeping an ear out for new beats, because music has the power to transform any workout from average to extraordinary.