Breanne Sich





Meet Bre. A philanthropic, humorous, genuine individual at work, and an upbeat, enthusiastic, rock- you-like-a-hurricane girl on the bike! Bre works for the awesome NFP Mealshare, where she spends her days recruiting restaurants to join the movement and creating impactful campaigns centred around education & awareness for food sustainability. She is an avid diner, prosecco popper, and of course, a fitness junkie. Bre brings her passion to the bike:

A) so she can eat all of the delicious things (obvy) but also….

B) to orchestrate an impactful, authentic, sweaty, high-energy ride!

You can expect a lot of oldies, alternative, & hip hop in her classes - which will leave you wanting to get on that beat and catch up to her. 

We start together and finish together, getting stronger every time.