New Year, New Me!

How I’m Sticking to My New Year’s Resolution in 2019

Well, we’re two weeks into the New Year, how are you doing with your resolution? At the end of 2017, 64 per cent of people who made New Year’s resolutions said theY’d failed to keep them. In fact, that poll found that, by January 6, one in five people had failed to stick to Their resolutions. If you feel like you’ve already failed, don’t panic! instead let us reassess to find success together!

The fact is, we live in a culture of extremes. For many of us, success means spin in the morning, yoga at lunch, HIIT after work, and a well-balanced diet low in carbs with plenty of lemon water throughout the day. However, when we miss a class or slip-up by adding full-fat cream to our morning coffee, we sometimes feel as though we’ve failed. We throw in the towel:

“I might as well eat an entire cake to myself, order a cheese pizza, and start over again in the morning… or maybe Monday.” I’ve been this person. Every year I start off strong, with a goal that’s often too unrealistic to begin with. The minute I slip-up, I give-up.

So, here’s what I’m doing to keep to my New Year’s resolution in 2019!

[Stay Goal Oriented] Often our New Year’s resolutions focus too much on the action and not

the result. Rather than making 2019 the year I do 1,000 spin classes, and eat nothing but

chickpeas, I’m focusing on what It is I want to achieve, and for me, it’s being comfortable in my

own skin—whether that’s in my suit at work, or my swimsuit on the beach. I know this won’t

happen overnight, but with my goal in mind, I let my goal guide the choices I make throughout

the day and ask myself “does this take me closer to, or further away from what I want to


[Just Move] Rather than planning out every workout in my calendar from now until the end of

time, the only fitness goal I set for myself this year is to JUST MOVE.

One hour a day. At least 5 days out of the week. Simple.

Whether its Spin, HIIT, Yoga, a run outside, or going to the gym, all I’m accountable for is just

doing something! This gives me flexibility with my schedule, and options depending on how I

feel that day. If I stick to this goal, that’s 260 workouts in one year! That’s likely WAY more

workouts than I accomplished last year when my goal was to be in the gym every day!

[Think Balance not Reward] Don’t get me wrong, I love a cocktail as much as the next guy, but

I don’t need to sipping margaritas in bed alone on a Tuesday (we’ve all been there, right?!). But

I do want to ensure I have fun this year, spending time with friends and family eating a good

meal and enjoying a cold one from time-to-time. So, at the beginning of each month, I grab my

calendar and I look at the month ahead to find whose birthday is coming up, the next office

happy hour, and which Friday marks the beginning of the long-weekend. From there, I give

myself permission to let loose! So, on Thursday, when I’d rather trade the spin bike for my sofa,

and my protein shake for a beer, I can remind myself that Friday is only a day away and I’m

gettin’ me some nachos!

[Buddy System] New Year’s resolutions have a LONG history of making a healthy lifestyle the

enemy—a punishment we pay for the sins committed over the holiday season. That’s not the

case! Health and fitness can be fun! Especially when you bring a friend!

Have you ever been in a HIIT class with a friend and said to each other: That’s it?! We’re done


Bring a buddy to your next class—I guarantee you’ll have a blast and feel good doing it!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2019

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ariffa lalani