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our girl Dr. Lindsay Kellington shares on why movement makes us happy

Have you ever considered sweat as a form of therapy?

The physical improvements of exercise are undeniable but equally as powerful are the psychological benefits. In a time where the conversation about mental health ison the forefront, finding forms of exercise that tap into the mind body connection is essential for our wellbeing.

At Passage Studios we work to foster a safe space to grow that connection. Whether it is the cathartic release of an intense sprint in a spin class, an endorphin high after a full body HIIT session or the gentle impact of a restorative yoga practice – there is no denying that exercise can positively impact our mental health.

Most people can relate to shaking off a bad day by getting a good workout in. The science behind this is that exercise will release endorphins, which allow us to feel happier and less stressed. It also releases your feel-good neurotransmitters: serotonin and dopamine, thus, combating anxiety and depression.

Not only does your mood tend to improve after a great workout. Research has also shown that exercise boosts brain function by working with the hippocampus to improve mental clarity, memory, concentration and creativity. It even allows us to have a better night’s sleep by positively impacting our circadian rhythms. All the science aside, one of the most important factors to mental health and exercise is the connection we make to ourselves. In a spin class we not only challenge our physical barriers but also our mental ones. This provides an opportunity for growth. As physical barriers are crossed we see an increase in self-confidence. The ah-ha moment that we can possibly achieve more than what we thought was possible. This leads us to question what else we can accomplish when we believe in ourselves. The same applies to HIIT and yoga: the more we go, the more we grow. The psychological benefits that come with exercise are plentiful. Bottom line is exercise helps us to feel good. It improves our mental clarity, boosts our mood, and allows us to sleep better. So next time you want to work on that mind body connection join us!

Dr. Lindsay Kellington

Naturopathic Doctor & Spin Instructor

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