Welcome to Passage Studios

Your inner city [ sweat ] sanctuary

The word is out that things are changing around here [for the better, of course]

Since 2003, Yoga Passage, the space you know and love has been home to thousands of dedicated practitioners, teachers, volunteers, and community members who were all magnetically drawn to this space and what it represents. 

Yoga Passage has been a pillar in this city for Yoga, a safe space to foster friendships, and a nurturing zone to cultivate your connection to yoga, and so, to yourself. 

We can't quite put our fingers on what it is about this space that makes it so magical. Maybe it's the casual vibes or the enthusiastic welcome from the front desk unicorn, or maybe its Gord. What we do know, however, is that at some point or another, we all end up feeling like family and we all feel like we've come home. We wanted to find a way to stretch that feeling a little further - and the answer was closer to home than we thought.

The space below our feet at #200 524 11th Ave SW has been empty for almost 10 years. It was a registry office once, it was Singapore Sams once. Now, and we are so, so, so, so excited to share, this space is in the process of transforming into a Spin & HIIT studio

Same, Same - just different. Picture the vibes of Yoga Passage. The soulful instructors, the invitations to look deeper, to live fuller - all this, in a sweatier environment. To us, movement is a potent form of meditation. Many methods, one outcome - connection.

Before we go any further - allow us to acknowledge. We are not re-inventing the wheel here. There are some amazing, long standing Spin & HIIT [ & yoga for that matter! ] studios in the City and it is our firm belief that different spaces will resonate with different people - we hope you find the space and community that keeps you inspired and loving life. 

So... what are we going to be doing?


is a cathartic, committed, cardiovascular journey. We'll hold space for 30 riders to clip in, plug in, and flush out any and all stagnant energy, show some love to their heart muscle, and engage in synchronized moving meditation. Feels good. 


dissected it's high-intensity-interval-training, Meaning you're going to work to the brink of your capacity, rest to feel the space between, then repeat for as long as we say :) HIIT exercise is efficient, and highly functional. We'll be focussing on a different group of muscles every day so by the end of the week, your whole body has been worked into balance - and with minimal equipment too! We'll be using some weights, kettlebells, resistance bands and the numero uno best tool for strengthening - your own body weight. The workouts are quick and dirty - because we've all got sh*t to do these days, and draaagging ourselves around around the gym for hours on end just won't do, and just doesn't work. We've designed a program that will help cultivate your strength in an effective and safe manner. 

& the Yoga?

Will be the Yoga you've always known & loved. In fact, very little will change up the stairs of Passage Studios! Of course, we are always open to suggestions for the things that you think would make this little sanctuary of ours better. 

So here's where we're at!

Construction is happening. Like right now. The studio is set to open August 2018 [ cue heavy breathing ]

We have some amazing [ seriously, incredible ] instructors on our team - stay tuned for their unveiling

we are currently hiring karma front desk staff - think you'd be a fit? Email info@yogapassage.ca and we'll chat!

The word on membership options & rates will be out June 1st- You're going to want to subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss the pre-sale we have planned because it's pretttttty good.

But what about the parking? What about it? Passage Studios members will have access to the entire lot as of Augst 1st! Wooohoo!



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