A R I F F A  L A L A N I

The story is common. there was a draw to yoga for the physical benefits, which came, as they do; the magnetic community and emotional uprisings took their place shortly after, as they do. The practice of yoga allows me to explore my state of mind, body and heart while collecting me into my creative self. I am grateful in every moment for the path and process that has unfolded from the first day i rolled out my mat. With every set of shapes, each sweet OM, and each cup of tea and square of chocolate shared with fellow yogis after practice, I am home. In each moment, there is a teaching that presents itself. No two moments are the same, each one is creative, spontaneous, and intelligent and these factors are what i work to extract and then infuse into our time together. I am heartily grateful for my teachers along the way: Meghan Currie, Tracy Mann, Tanis Fishman, and, of course, my sweet community of Yoga Passage in Calgary Alberta.